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Founded in 1994, The Peccadillo Theater Company is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 arts organization dedicated to the rediscovery of classic American theater, particularly those works which, despite their obvious literary and theatrical value, are not regularly revived.

Beginning with Eugene O’Neill (generally considered the starting point of modern American theater), Peccadillo concentrates on the era of the so-called well-made play, a period of sparkling wit and sophistication in comedy as well as deepening realism in the drama. It encompasses such diverse and little-known dramas as The Silver Cord by Sidney Howard, Jane by S.N. Behrman, Morning Star by Sylvia Regan, The Shanghai Gesture by John Colton as well as the neglected plays of celebrated authors like Dorothy Parker and John O’Hara. Taken as a whole, this work represents nothing less than the American experience itself in all its contradictions and screwball energy. The mission of The Peccadillo Theater Company is to restore these buried gems to their rightful owner- you, the American theatergoer.

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In recent years, Peccadillo has broadened its mission to include original work with an "old-fashioned" regard for heightened language and word play. Such was the case with Ginny Redington & Tom Dawes' The Talk of the Town, a musical about the wits of the Algonquin Roundtable as well as Ten Chimneys, a sparkling comedy about the highly combustible marriage of Alfred Lunt and Lynne Fontanne.